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repubHub® is the Hub where publishers find world-class content they can re-use and re-publish on their websites. Often for free! It’s also where publishers of original copyrighted content can syndicate their content to other websites. 


Editors, bloggers, and marketers use repubHub to find license-ready content they can embed on their sites to enhance their own original content and extend their editorial mission and keep readers engaged.


Content can be licensed on a one-off basis, article by article, or you can create a custom headline widget that automatically embeds trending headlines and full-text articles into your site, generating new reader engagement, new page views, and new advertising revenue.


Content in the repubHub network is formatted to be instantly licensed for a variety of purposes that each publisher or website has pre-approved. You never need to worry about obtaining special permissions or infringing others' rights. Most content can be embedded for free, with advertising included (not those annoying pop-up or scrolling ads), or for modest fees.


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Want trending headlines for your site?

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Every website can benefit from a continuously updated feed of fresh content that extends and enhances the editorial coverage its own writers and editors produce. RepubHub's headline widget provides trending news from hundreds of world-class publishers. You can choose from a broad selection of filtered topics such as Health, Politics, Environment, Sports, Entertainment, Tech, Business—or build your own collection of trending headlines drawn from hundreds of world-class sources. Best of all, the widget can be styled to match your site—and it's free to deploy. Read more about our widget.

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Want quality content to republish on your website?

This 3-minute video will show you how easy it is.  It will change the way you create, curate, and manage content on your site.  There is no cost to sign up for an account and monitor topics that interest you and your readers.


When you republish content from repubHub:

  • You enhance the coverage you already provide with high-quality, timely content from world-class publishers.
  • You get new page views and the associated ad impressions from content enbedded on your site.
  • You expose your readers to noteworthy content without linking out to other sites where you may lose them.




Want to share your content on repubHub? 

Download the iCopyright Republishing Suite plugin for WordPress, and your content will be automatically licensable by others for republishing and eligible for inclusion in repubHub.


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When you install and activate the iCopyright Republishing Suite, interactive tools will appear at the top of each article or blog post, where readers can’t miss them. The toolbar offers numerous content licensing and sharing options, accommodating all the ways readers might want to reuse your content. And these options are easily customizable by you.


  • You get new page views, new advertising impressions and ad revenue when your content is republished on other websites.
  • You earn licensing revenue when your content is republished or reprinted without advertising.
  • You extend the reputation of your brand and your editorial reach.
  • You get detailed reporting on all reuses of your content.


The iCopyright Republishing Suite also adds repubHub as a new menu item on the top navigation bar of your WordPress admin page.  From this you can access the full complement of repubHub's content and services, incuding one-click repubishing of the articles you select and instant creation and curation of your personal headline widgets. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to enrich your site with trending news. Your readers will spend more time on your site.


iCopyright has been empowering leading publishers with licensing tools for more than a decade, so we know a few things about how content can be instantly and safely syndicated and republished with fidelity to the original.


We never lose track of your content. We know where it goes and who has used it.


Your brand, your terms of use, and your reputation are preserved and protected—even when your content goes viral. 


Get the iCopyright Toolbar Now

Not a WordPress publisher? No problem. We can guide you through the process of adding our toolbar to any CMS. Please contact us using the form to the right. 


What's the Cost of repubHub? 

  • Using repubHub to find content, monitor topics and create headline widgets is completely FREE.
  • There is no cost for publishers and other content creators to be part of the repubHub network. Publishers can offer free, ad-supported embed versions of their content, and other instant reuse options, according to terms you set.
  • Most of our content contributors offer a free, ad-supported republishing option.
  • Ad-free, low-cost instant licenses are also available.

Want to know more about repubHub? 

Fill out the form to the right. A repubHub representative will contact you within 48 hours.

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